04th Jun 2018

Robotics + cloud computing: C2RO’s winning equation

Great news for robot manufacturers who can now count on Montréal-based C2RO for a cloud-based AI system. C2RO is the first in the world to offer an operating system on the SaaS platform (or on-demand software) with applications for service robots. It’s a game changer!

This means that motor functions and power requirements can now take up all the space available in the robots. C2RO relocates their intelligence into the cloud, which receives captured data, stores the data, analyzes it and converts it into high-value added information, which is then immediately retransmitted to one or several robots simultaneously. This separation of “body and soul” significantly increases their learning potential and level of interactivity.

Imagine being greeted by a robot when you arrive at a hotel. The warm yet polite robot asks you a few basic questions. Thanks to C2RO, this information is instantly shared with the other service robots at the hotel. Did you just order a gin and tonic with a Québec-made gin? No need to specify that detail again: through the cloud, all the robots are informed of your preference. With each and every request, their collective knowledge of your tastes and needs gets refined, enabling them to offer you a more and more personalized and unforgettable experience.

Soodeh Farokhi, Ph.D., who has earned degrees from universities in Iran and Vienna, is a passionate visionary who chose to establish C2RO in Montréal because the city is one of the key AI platforms in the world. The company’s revolutionary potential has been quick to gain recognition: today an investment of US$1.1 million in seed money was announced, funded by several Canadian, US and European funds and investors, including Harbor Street Ventures in Chicago. This is what it means to have your head in the clouds.


To learn more:


New US$1.1M investment


To see an example of a service robot:

Hotel Monville in Montréal









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