06th Jun 2018

A Montréal start-up takes you to the holodeck

Forget Start Trek and science fiction! We’re talking about Nvidia’s real Holodeck, powered by Montréal-based start-up wrnch. The company’s wrnchAI platform digitizes human motion and behaviour in real time from standard videos recorded with a smartphone. That’s the technology that giant Nvidia used to create the Holodeck, a virtual environment where you can project your avatar and interact with others. Your next office meeting could very well look like a scene straight out of Ready Player One!

wrnch founder Paul Kruszewski is passionate about video games and AI and has been working on combining the two for over 20 years. A serial entrepreneur, Kruszewski has built an impressive customer base, including Disney, Lucasfilm, Bioware, EA, Eidos, Lockheed and the like. wrnch is his third start-up. Before wrnch, he founded BGT BioGraphic Technologies, which was quickly acquired by Presagis (a leader in military training simulation solutions), and then GRIP, which was acquired by Autodesk. Established in Montréal in 2016, wrnch has attracted the attention of the savviest investors from the very beginning. Its top investor, Mark Cuban, is the undisputed star of Shark Tank, the U.S. version of our Dragons’ Den. Kruszewski is definitely playing in the big leagues now.

In addition to Holodeck, wrnchAI also powers the very futuristic Jedi Challenges AR headset developed by Lenovo and Disney. All you have to do is insert your smartphone into the headset to take on challenges and engage in Star Wars-style lightsaber battles. wrnch leverages AI, graphic interfaces and video game technology to shine again. And that’s not all. We’re not allowed to say what the future holds for wrnch, but one thing we can say is that animation will be a big part of it.


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