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Each week, Greater Montréal produces dozens of new businesses, bold ideas and exemplary initiatives that are likely to inspire the world.

What’s Contact MTL’s role? Credit these amazing accomplishments by passing on the information to its ambassadors and decision-makers around the whole world.

Contact MTL is first and foremost a classic love story between enthusiastic individuals and an exciting city—Montréal.

It’s also:

  • A unique and very practical perspective on Greater Montréal’s vibrant economic, cultural and technological activities.
  • A network of 4,000 ambassadors driven by a shared fascination for Greater Montréal and the same desire to highlight the region’s economic leadership around the world.
  • A platform for disseminating and sharing news and articles on Greater Montréal, its players and its achievements.
  • A reference for entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and international students who are considering touching down in Montréal.

Do you have good news to share? A success story to tell? Become an ambassador, create your profile and submit your articles online.

A collective effort spearheaded by Montréal International

Developed by Montréal International, Greater Montréal’s economic development agency, Contact MTL was launched in 2015 thanks to support from dedicated and visionary founding partners.

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