04th Jun 2018

Automat: small company with big impact

This past February, San Francisco-based Opus Research, a prominent player in conversational marketing, ranked Automat number one in the world among the top 17 conversational commerce companies. It was quite some recognition for this Montréal startup that, only a few months earlier, had earned the Startup World Cup in Canada.

Andy Mauro, co-founder and CEO, has been working in AI for over 20 years. He is a passionate, eminent visionary who has experienced the infancy of the robot age, and has even been involved in a few revolutions. When Amazon created the “.bot” domain in 2016, Automat was one of the first conversational marketing firms to sign up, creating beauty.bot.

What’s the secret to Automat? Anticipation. We have all had the experience of shopping for a bed online and then seeing mattress recommendations on all our social media in the next three months. All this just makes you to want to sleep on the floor. Automat’s conversational intelligence takes it a step further: it engages an actual dialogue with the consumer, about his or her tastes and wants, before even recommending personalized options. In fact, it becomes the company’s voice. This makes traditional chatbots seem antiquated.

Major cosmetics and luxury companies have understood the potential of such sophisticated algorithms. Automat had created the Beauty Gifter experience for L’Oréal Canada on the Facebook Messenger platform. The bot acts as a personal advisor engaging a conversation to find the perfect gift. It’s quite futuristic. And very current.


To learn more:


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