19th Jul 2018

Extended reality: Concordia University takes the lead

Will Montréal have the same success with immersive technologies as it did with AI and become a world leader? That is indeed Concordia University’s goal, as it has just launched an Innovation Factory that brings together academia, established companies and startups involved with XR (extended reality) technologies.

The hub, named XR:MTL, was founded jointly by Galilei, a new company created by Concordia University, and Ubisoft. It will focus on developing applications that have a real market potential, and that would foster the emergence of startups. It already has the backing of key partners such as Oculus, D-BOX, Triotech and the Prompt Québec consortium.

Extended reality is a new category that comprises virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. XR produces immersive experiences combining a real environment with a virtual 3D environment. Augmented reality, for example, allows you to try on clothing virtually.

 The solutions developed at XR:MTL will span multiple sectors that leverage XR technologies and in which Montréal already has solid know-how, such as the entertainment, healthcare, aerospace, and education industries.

In 2013, Concordia University had launched a first incubator, District 3, bringing together entrepreneurs, researchers and academia onto the same field. In five years, District 3 has supported nearly 400 startups and took part in several success stories such as Ananda, Sensequake, Capbeast and Beeye. As the 2016 winner of the Startup Canada Entrepreneur Support Award for Québec, District 3 still recognized as one of the most dynamic centres of innovation in Montréal.


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