15th Jun 2018

Fintech: Holt Accelerator scouting for 10 rising startups

Founded in Montréal in April, Holt Fintech Accelerator is currently engaged in a global search to find the world’s 10 most innovative startups. Jan Christopher Arp, Program Director and co-founder of the new fintech player, expects to receive over 400 applications by the July 29, 2018, deadline. He will then have the difficult task of selecting the top 30 applicants and introducing, in January 2019, the first cohort of 10 startups that will benefit from Holt’s investments and expertise.

While it’s true that the availability of funds can make or break a startup, the kind of support the startup gets will also make a difference. That’s why Holt has searched all over the world and built a team of seasoned mentors and advisors with backgrounds in science and finance to provide the best support there is. Now that’s acceleration!

So what are the next fintech trends? AI helping financial advisors analyze data? A new-generation blockchain technology? A new cryptocurrency management tool? Well, we’ll have to wait until the end of the selection process to find out.

If the name Holt rings a bell, it’s because it belongs to a key figure in Montréal’s and Québec’s history. Sir Herbert Holt, known as “Canada’s Rockefeller,” founded the Montreal Light, Heat and Power Company, which was nationalized and later became Hydro-Québec. Today, the Holt Fintech Accelerator is run by Brendan Holt Dunn, a fifth-generation heir to the family business.


To learn more and submit your application, click here:

Holt Accelerator

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