04th Jun 2018

Montréal extends welcome to foreign startups

Have you ever heard of Commutifi? French-language daily Le Journal de Montréal recently reported that this startup, which began in Denver, Colorado, had decided to set up the company’s R&D in Greater Montréal. The primary reason: Montréal’s expertise in AI and machine learning.


Welcome immigrant entrepreneurs

This defector could be the first in a long line of foreign companies to create jobs and value in Montréal. The Government of Québec has just announced new financial measures encouraging foreign entrepreneurs to pick Montréal to launch their startup.

Montréal is already known as the startup paradise

explained Cédric Tawil, Business Developement Director, Entrepreneurship, from Montréal International, the agency tasked by the government to administer the program. “On top of the technological environment and generous R&D tax credits, Montréal has a large number of vibrant startups.”

Case in point, there is Notman/Osmo, Centech, District 3 and even Polytechnique Montréal’s J.-Armand-Bombardier Incubator. There are also dozens of hackathons organized every year and even StartUpFest, entirely dedicated to ideas and innovation. The next StartUpFest is slated for July 10 to 14.

So it’s not surprising to see so many new Montréal companies break through and shine, in Canada and internationally, in fields are varied as health, transportation, finance, e-commerce and management.


Cultural diversity + innovation: winning combo

With these new financial measures, the message Montréal is sending out to creators around the world is quite clear: If you have a business idea, come develop it here. Leaders (Apple, Google, Facebook) are here. The tech is here. The money is here. And the city is naturally open to cultural diversity. The only thing that’s missing is you!

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Photo Credit : Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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